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this is what drives us 


Quantum Leap

A quantum leap means a dramatic advance.

Our scientists have made a quantum leap in the research process to develop animal-free dairy proteins.

Our dairy proteins are quantum leaps forward in the fight against climate change and the challenge to keep our population growing up healthy through proper nutrition.

Through reducing our dependency on cows and traditional agriculture to provide dairy proteins, many precious limited natural resources can be re-allocated towards additional climate protection initiatives.

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This is

what we stand for

At QL, we tirelessly pursue our goal of changing the way we feed the world, while remaining loyal to our values. 

Our Values

Relevant: Solving one of the most pressing problems of today of feeding the worlds growing population in a nutritious and sustainable way while also substantially lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Accountable: Reliably supporting our customers to reach their global sustainability 2035 goals with our high-quality ingredients.

Holistic: Thinking beyond traditional production processes, e.g., in cow milk, current value chains and legal requirements as well as customer expectations to create meaningful and sustainable changes in the food industry.

Learn about how we achieve our vision.

Our legacy

Our high-quality nutritionally equivalet dairy proteins can be added to millions of food products around the world to increase their nutritional value

which leads to a strong and healthy global population, and supports the creation of a more sustainable food supply chain both now and in the future.

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We want to change the way we feed the world, using our unique research approach to positively disrupt the global food supply chain by taking cows out of the food production equation which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The solution

Read more about how we developed a unique precision fermentation process to produce a powder form

 of dairy proteins -  without needing a cow. *MAGIC*

our research

We are a million times faster in our research process, which helps us create our dairy protein-producing microorganism.  Read more about how we do it here.  

The Opportunity

Read more about some of the complexities of climate change and how we are skipping the cow in the global food supply chain and greatly reducing our dependency on traditional animal agriculture and massively reducing GHG emissions - all while continuing to produce dairy proteins with high-quality nutritional value

Learn More About What We are Doing and Why

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