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Roger Foehn

Roger Föhn

Roger is partner in a boutique law firm in Zürich, specializing in company law and international business transactions.

Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer

Andreas is one of the world’s leading scientists in industrial biotechnology with extensive experience in working with proteins.

Rene Pellaux

René Pellaux

René is one of the world’s leading scientists in biotechnology. He is a co-founder and executive of FGen, a biotechnology spin-off of the ETH Zürich.

Frank Lehmann

Frank Lehmann

Frank's career is all about Food Innovation: Currently he is leading Amcor's Corporate Venturing & Open Innovation department and previously led Nestlé's Food Innovation team.

Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer

Andreas has been making "deals" since he finished his management studies at University of St. Gallen in Switzerland

Board Member
Juerg Wicki

Jürg Wicki

Jürg is a networker by nature and a razor-sharp business strategist.


Meet our dream team

Our people make us different than the ever-growing number of start ups around the world with similar ambitions.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of 6 highly intelligent and creative and fun individuals working together towards a common goal.

We are poised for success and we want you to partner with us!

The Consortium

The solution

Read more about how we developed a unique precision fermentation process to produce a powder form

 of dairy proteins -  without needing a cow. *MAGIC*

our research

We are a million times faster in our research process, which helps us create our dairy protein-producing microorganism.  Read more about how we do it here.  

The Opportunity

Read more about some of the complexities of climate change and how we are skipping the cow in the global food supply chain and greatly reducing our dependency on traditional animal agriculture and massively reducing GHG emissions - all while continuing to produce dairy proteins with high-quality nutritional value

Learn More About What We are Doing and Why

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