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The Intelligent and Playful Octopus

Clever and Resourceful

We think the octopus is one of the most interesting animals on the planet.

Octopuses are highly intelligent with large, developed brains and decentralized neurological systems.  Each of their tentacles can “think” independently, but they also all work together. They are creative and skilled problem solvers, which is especially useful in outsmarting predators, and they have also been known to escape from their tanks in laboratories and aquariums!


We are also, fittingly, a team of 6 people, who are intelligent, curious and playful, so, it just seemed appropriate. We were considering getting an octopus for our office mascot, but after learning about their escape tendencies, we think maybe that’s not such a good idea…

Ancient origins, new applications

What is old is new again.  As our world continues to reckon with climate change, reducing the strain on the environment of current commercial practices,  and recycling and re-using as much as possible, including ideas, take center stage.  

At QL, we are also taking existing ideas and putting a new spin on them. In our case, using the ancient idea of brewing beer from yeast as our inspiration, to create milk without needing a cow.  

We represent this visually in our logo, as well, in two ways. 

First, with the octopus, which are millions of years old, and which still to this day provide us with new insights into underwater ecosystems. 

Second, with the triangle, ancient symbols that are rich in meaning.  

The florescent solution from our research is held in a triangle beaker.  Triangles represent the intersection of three ideas. For QL, it is people, planet, and science.

Triangles are also often used to symbolize immense growth, for us, the quantum leap our research will bring to the world.

Learn more about Our Research. 

Bright and dynamic

Our reasons for choosing the octopus for our logo do not end there.

Octopuses can adapt very quickly to their environments and can have really cool fluorescent coloring.  We immediately saw the similarities with our research process, which is both highly adaptive and has cool fluorescent colors.

We are particularly entranced with the blue-ringed octopus, pictured here above.  They are one of the smallest octopus species, but they are very powerful.

Additionally, one of the main focuses of the climate change discussion has been the negative effects on the ocean.  Although our company is focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions above the sea, we know, as evidenced in our holistic values, that the land and sea have an intricately connected symbiotic relationship.  We represent this visually in our logo, where we have a single octopus tentacle reaching out of the sea, offering to the world a helpful new science-based solution to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce further climate change.

Learn more about Our Solution here. 

The solution

Read more about how we developed a unique precision fermentation process to produce a powder form

 of dairy proteins -  without needing a cow. *MAGIC*

our research

We are a million times faster in our research process, which helps us create our dairy protein-producing microorganism.  Read more about how we do it here.  

The Opportunity

Read more about some of the complexities of climate change and how we are skipping the cow in the global food supply chain and greatly reducing our dependency on traditional animal agriculture and massively reducing GHG emissions - all while continuing to produce dairy proteins with high-quality nutritional value

Learn More About What We are Doing and Why

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