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Casein is essential

Casein is

Casein protein is crucial to our proper nutritional support and development and it supports many functions in our bodies:

  • Builds strong muscles and bones

  • Provides antibacterial and immune system benefits

  • Reduce high blood pressure and triglycerides

  • Fights against free-radicals with an antioxidant effect

  • Can support weight loss efforts

Casein is the main protein found in cow (animal) milk.

Vital for nutrition and growth

The topics of population growth, climate change and preference for plant-based diets, as well as challenges associated with providing high-quality nutrition to developing countries lead to an increased need for casein protein in a powder form. 

Our Casein Powder is

nutritionally identical

Our researchers have designed a unique fermentation process that produces a powder form of casein – without needing a cow.

Our casein powder is nutritionally equivalent to the animal milk, because our research process all starts with a single strain of DNA.


Our animal-free, lactose-free casein protein will provide food manufacturers with an environmentally-friendly nutritionally-equivalent alternative to traditional cows milk.

Do you want to learn more about milk and our casein powder?  Click here

Do you want to learn more about 

Our Casein Powder

is distinctive

For our high-quality casein powder, we have taken the best mix of casein types, beginning with goat DNA, and optimized them for industrial scale production.

The casein powder we produce will have a huge positive impact on the entire food production value chain as we know it now, creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable version for future generations.

By removing the cow from the equation, and supplying our casein powder to the food manufacturers of the world, we significantly reduce the food manufacturers dependency on cows, and their associated greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the growing population without causing further harm to the planet.

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