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Doing everything twice

How many mistakes do you do when you do something for the first
time?! You know what: I do many. As an entrepreneur, I’m doing
many things for the first time – and I’m doing mistakes frequently.
But I’m getting fast and making mistakes and learning from them!

Last Friday I was assembling a barbeque for our Atelier. Picked it up from @migros do-it, opened instruction manual and followed the steps one by one. And despite all that, I had to do many steps twice. Example: I took the legs and fixed them. Two legs fixed, great. But when taking the third one, I realized that not all four legs were the same. And of course, I did not accidentally put the legs in the right corners (even though I had had a 50% probability to do it right by chance), so I had to take both legs off again and start all over. And so on ...!

As an entrepreneur, the same happens to me repeatedly because I'm very often doing things for the first time. But since @QL AG is already my second start-up, I'm skipping some errors or am at least faster at making and correcting them. Hence, even if being a "two-times" entrepreneur feels quite experienced, it's still a journey about making mistakes and learning from it.

My takeaway from setting-up the barbeque: Don't assume things are the same without checking thoroughly. And even small things like mirrored symmetries can make the difference between working or not. So, I will look out for this when we do your biotech research. Also, molecules are 3D and should not be mirrored!

What was your last mistake and what did you learn from it?


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