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"Inspired" interview with Blue Horizon

I am happy to announce the publication of our CEO Esther Pfister’s first interview about QL, which happens to be with Blue Horizon, the company that inspired the start of QL!

Blue Horizon is a venture capital investment and support company, based in Switzerland, whose mission it is to “change everything” by finding and providing investment support for food companies who will transform the future of food supply into a sustainable system that will have the capacity to feed 10 billion people by 2050.

Our team read Blue Horizon’s Food for Thought report, a collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, that was published in early 2021 and gave an in-depth analysis of the environmental and health benefits and growth potential of the alternative proteins market. This wound up being the final inspiration that our founders needed to ferment our plans to develop dairy proteins without needing a cow.

Esther and our entire team are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with Blue Horizon and to share our QL story on the Blue Horizon platform.

Click the link below to read Esther’s interview.


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